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I enjoy sharing my passion for fiber art by teaching classes to both new and experienced students.  My classes are:

·         Playful.  Adults don’t get enough time to play and often pressure themselves into thinking that they have to achieve perfection the first time they try something.  I try to create a playful community in my classroom, of like-minded individuals, who want to learn a new process.  Whether I am teaching a quiet class of embroidery or an energetic class of eco printing, I want my students to laugh, play and feel the freedom to experiment.

·         Organized.  The left brain that kept me on track during my career is evident in how I plan my classes.  Students get to jump right into the process; no lengthy introductions.  I take students through a series of tasks designed to expand their skills, and allow them lots of freedom along the way to express their creativity.  While we frequently detour to answer interesting questions my students raise, I am careful to make sure that we cover all of the material I want to share.

·         Inclusive.  I welcome both new and experienced students in my classes.  I love to introduce new students to basic techniques and to encourage experienced students to conquer new frontiers.  When students tell me that their work will never look as good as mine, I ask them to examine my work more closely so that they can see that it too is flawed.  Great should never be the enemy of good, especially when learning a new skill and expressing the creativity that lies within each of us.

I regularly teach at fiber arts events in New England and am available to create a private class for any group.  If you are interested in the techniques I practice, feel free to contact me at mdelano@maine.rr[dot]com.

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