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I currently live on a lake in Norway, Maine, having retired from a busy professional career that did not allow as much time for creativity as I would have liked.  Surrounded by quiet and natural beauty, I am blessed to have reached a stage in my life where I can focus my time and energy on my passion for fiber art.  I love combining color, texture and patterns to create interesting new designs.  Whether I am recycling old wool into new rugs, playing with dye and eco prints on new scarves and old linen, or adding texture to a piece with embroidered embellishments, I am delighted to combine color, texture and pattern to express my creativity and joy.  Wool is my favorite medium, but thread, plants and dyes all fascinate me.

As with most fiber artists, I have a big “stash,” which includes

·         Lots of fiber, of all shapes and sizes, and assorted other interesting materials. I love to search for treasures at yard sales and thrift stores.  I often don’t know how I will use what I find, but use it I will.

·         Lots of techniques.  I enjoy taking classes, learning new techniques, and then experimenting.  Sometimes I translate old designs into a new medium; other times I combine two disparate techniques to see what they yield.  If I don’t like the results, oh well.  I’m sure to have learned something along the way and always have lots more ideas to explore.

·         A delightful community, of fellow artists, makers and students.  So much of fiber art is enriched by being in a learning community where people share openly or their time, talents and ideas.

Mary DeLano

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